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What is this programme about?

A first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship training program in Malaysia, running in conjunction with The Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC).

It invites high school, university graduates and adults to an intensive 5 months full-time business course with 4 months of project placements with the startups participating in the Global Accelerator Program.

The foundation will cover a wide breadth of topics, such as strategy, finance, marketing, business management, personal skills, human resource, law and so on, expressly for students to be aware of such business components. The students will prepare their own business plan not different from those done in MBA.


Gain work experience with startups

This course takes you through 4 months executing projects for MaGIC’s Global Accelerator Program startups.

Graduate with a solid and impressive plan

Learn how to make a comprehensive and detailed business plan for your startup or for your corporate.

Get privileged access to employment

This program offers multiple ways for you to get ahead of other applicants for employment. Contact us to find out how.

A full-time course, close to 1,000 hours in total.

business woman hands pointing holding business graph information diagram.

2 weeks of Bootcamp

Learn business skills and abilities that get things done. Learn how to make good presentations, build your personal brand and receive specific training for your apprenticeship.

Business people using laptop  and Financial charts  at meeting office

2 weeks of Business Planning

Spend this time to build a solid business plan that investors demand and expects to see. For examples of business plans, see this website.

Concept of teamwork: Close-Up of hands business team showing unity with putting their hands together.

16 weeks of Apprenticeship

Apprentice full time for MaGIC’s Global Accelerator Program startups. Shadow founders and CEOs, complete self-directed projects, receive 1-on-1 professional coaching and develop skills and experiences that you can take anywhere.

Be involved with:









Workshop topics

Technical Personal Development
Design Thinking Workshop Sun Tzu's Art of War for Business
Gaining Unfair Competitive Advantage Setting goals for progression
Choosing the right revenue model Stress Management
Value Chain analysis Critical thinking skills
Market Research Business ethics
Market Penetration strategies Professionalism and value
Designing the right name, logo and character Making effective communication
Budgetting How to be a good teamplayer / leader
Financial Valuation Building relationships and network
Designing Standard Operating Procedures Conflict Management
Designing KPI Project Management
Things to consider when hiring employees Knowledge Management
Engaging with Employees Stage Presentation skills
Developing talent Business writing
Understanding common law - duty of care Report writing
Customer Rentention methods Excel Training
Bookkeeping and Accounting Standards
Corporate Income Tax and GST
Drawing a tech storyboard

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