Building impact-driven, efficient and sustainable businesses.

Cambrian Leap borrows its name from the Cambrian Explosion phenomena, where uni-cells chose to combine and become complex organisms, evolving into most animal types seen today, which then led to the appearance of skeletons and armored shells.

We aim to do the same for entrepreneurs, beginning from the start of the chain, by providing education, support and consulting services. Like what Nature did in that age, we shall shape resilient businesses.

Our Story

Cambrian Leap was founded by an international team of young people and professionals passionate about entrepreneurship. We gathered based on our different but complementary competencies and our common appetite to spur significant impact on our social and natural environments.

Our Network

Together with our strategic partners, we are committed to give entrepreneurs access to resources useful to turn their idea into a business.
Our historic partner is the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), a Malaysian government initiative tasked to make Malaysia the startup capital of Southeast Asia. MaGIC made a large name for itself by creating the ecosystem via its education programs, exposure programs and also accelerator programs. Currently MaGIC is expanding its capabilities and its outreach to the global level.
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